Shooting for Black & White Images

August 13, 2018

Shooting for Black & White Images


Shooting for b/w Images - Tips

by Dream Artsy


1. Shoot in colour for best conversion to b/w.

2. Shoot RAW since it has the most colour information. Shooting raw+jpeg and setting your camera to monochrome mode could be beneficial for some too and help to visualise how the image could look in b/w (live view or screen in post shot).

3. Increase your ISO and shoot at shallow depth of field.

4. Look for contrast, light, moodtones, lines, shapes, patterns and textures, abstracts and negative space for the image to stand out opposed to looking boring flat and dull.

5. Light and pastel colours will look light and soft in b/w too. To create more dramatic images you should be looking for darker, more vibrant colours

6.  The exposure should be set for the brighter areas in your scene so the shadows get darker and the highlights standout. Move around the scene to find the best composition for them. 

7. Control the colours to manipulate the contrast and brightness in post processing.  The Black Edition Black & White Actions will certainly help you do that without much prior knowledge about b/w conversions.

8. Dodge & Burn to add contrast, drama and make your images standout. Black Edition Actions have 3 different and very powerful actions for dodging & burning your image.



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