Change Colour in Photoshop

February 27, 2018

Change Colour in Photoshop

How to change one colour into any other colour in Photoshop



1. I used Colour Replacement Tool. Adjust its settings and select any colour you wish. Brush that colour over the area you want the colour to change. I always work on a new layer so I can make adjustments via mask later.

2. Open a layer mask and using a black colour brush, brush any spills of the new colour off. Change the brush from white to black when needed. Black colour hides and white reveals when working on a white mask.

3. As I could see some of the red colour still left on the dress I duplicated my background and changed its blending mode to 'colour'. Then, using 'option' on Mac ('alt' on Windows), I kept sampling the colour from the areas I was working on to paint the needed colour in where needed. I used blue for the dress, brown for backdrop and tan for skin. This is a perfect way to soften the edges after the colour change and to make sure that the colour change is seamless.

4. I opened 'hue/saturation' adjustment layer and after selecting blues I reduced the saturation, lightened and adjusted the colour to my liking.

5. I sampled the colour from the skin and painted it on where the dress was supposed to be transparent. It was done on the new layer with a blending mode changed to 'colour'.

6. I added some shadows using a simple dodge tool as the colour change made the dress look a little bit flat.

NOTE: Although for the purpose of the tutorial I did a colour change on a finished image, it is always better to change colours before you start editing so your image blends more and is more realistic. 

Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!






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