How do I purchase Editing Tutorials?

Click on the add to cart button and follow the checkout details. If you have a special discount code please make sure to enter it when asked and after you add your items to your cart and go to the checkout page. The discount will be applied automatically.

Once the payment has gone through you will be able to download your files containing access instructions via instant download link that will appear on your screen. If you completed your purchase on your phone but your phone does not support certain files (it will surely not support Photoshop Actions files), you will be able to download them later on your computer from the link that was sent to your email.

All download links will expire after few download attempts, please therefore do not click on the link without an intention to download. Please also make sure to backup your instructions file/files so you can come back to them later and reinstall when needed.

If you have any problems downloading or accessing, or lost your files because of computer failure, please do not hesitate to e-mail us for a replacement.


How do I purchase 1:1 Online Editing Classes?

I am usually available within 2-4 weeks but you can email me before booking and enquire about the earliest available date for 1:1 online editing class and the time differences due to different time zones. My usual 1:1 time is weekdays 9.30am-2.30pm UK time. At the agreed time you will be able to connect to my computer and see my screen. It is important you have a reasonable internet connection and take notes during the class.

Can I download my Editing Tutorials?

diting tutorials are not available to download. Instead you will have life access to watch your videos online any time and as many times as you wish. In case of any change of circumstances in the future you will be offered an alternative way of access to your classes.

I have not received my download links after the purchase?

The download links with the files containing the instructions of how to access the videos are created automatically and will always popup along with your "Thank you for your purchase" message after the payment has gone through. If you missed this for some reason, please check your e-mail too.

All e-mail notifications are set to be sent automatically after the payment has gone through and a copy of your original download link with instructions will be there too. Please make sure you check the right e-mail address (the same e-mail as used for purchasing) and of course make sure you enter a correct email address when creating your account and purchasing.

If you have used two different e-mail addresses (one to log into our website, the other to pay via PayPal) please make sure to check both e-mail addresses including your spam folders - your download link will be in one of them. 

If you cannot see your download link e-mail, please make sure to search in your junk folder in case it landed there as a spam. If you misspelled your e-mail address when ordering please contact us at learn@dreamartsy.co.uk for your e-mail address to be corrected accordingly.

How do I access Members area?

You will need to be logged in with the same e-mail address as used when purchasing and follow few simple steps from your instructions file received after the purchase. If for some reason you experience problems when accessing your tutorials, please contact us for help: learn@dreamartsy.co.uk with a full screen shot of your problem. Please note that we can take up to 24 hrs to come back to you. It may be longer during the weekends and during national holidays. Our local time is GMT (London, the UK). While waiting for our reply please retry the access as from overall experience it is unlikely the problem is on our end. We will however do our best to help you navigate and solve it.    


What editing software is used in your Editing Tutorials?

I use ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) which everyone has access to if they shoot in RAW and Photoshop CC for my editing. If you do not use ACR and are a Lightroom user, that's OK. You can follow all the steps I go through in ACR and easily "translate" them into the language of Lightroom. These two softwares are nearly the same only presented in two different covers.


Do I need to be very advanced in Photoshop to understand the Tutorials?

No, you absolutely do not need to be very advanced. Although all the tutorials cover a wide complex of editing techniques and are rather advanced, all steps are explained in details, easy to understand and to follow even if you are just starting learning Photoshop. My aim is to teach you tools and my vision and to explain my workflow with all secrets revealed. I expect you to understand the tools of Photoshop, their possibilities and that you are able to use them fluently on your own images adding your own adjustments where needed.


If I purchase more than one Tutorial, will the editing techniques be the same in all of them?

Some techniques will of course repeat in order to achieve the consistency in my style, especially the so much sought after painterly look. However due to the fact that the images were shot in different light (natural, studio), subjects had different skin problems, because that the colours, tones and the set ups were all in different colours and because that different adjustments were needed for each individual image, you can be sure that you will learn a lot more from each editing tutorial even if their final look is very similar. So no, the editing techniques, adjustments are not 100% the same but yes some of them will repeat to preserve my style.

Do I need to have any actions or Photoshop plug-ins to be able to repeat your editing steps?

Absolutely not. I ONLY use hand editing in my tutorials and do not advocate to buy my actions (although you are more than welcome if you wish). You will be able to follow every single step without any extra tools. The only condition is to make sure you have the latest Photoshop CC updates (2017-2018) as some options may be retired or upgraded into more advanced ones in new version of Photoshop CC and not available in older Photoshop versions or CS6, Elements.

Do I need to buy your Rustic, Cotton, Skin & Light or Newborn Actions to be able to follow your Tutorials?

No, you do not need to but so many people actually do! My actions are my whole workflow prerecorded into one click actions. Editing Tutorials will show you in details and step by step what workflow I use to achieve the look of my images. My Actions though could give you an easy preset tool to recreate the same look but using a 'speed dial' - owning actions you will need to know and to learn a lot less because all you have to do to play my workflow steps is a click of a 'play the Action' button. How easy is that? However an editing tutorial would be really beneficial and can help you to get into my head a little bit deeper, to understand my vision and what I actually want from my images. If you are a Photoshop beginner, owning an action set only without any understanding of how to use them or what I do to achieve my style will be a little bit difficult if you want to replicate the same style.


Why the image in the editing tutorial is not that vibrant as the image on the website in your store or Facebook?

Everyone knows that the quality of the screenshot is not the same as of the final jpeg which is resized, sharpened and prepped for printing or for uploading to web. The same is with video recording - because the tutorials are screen recordings of an editing process on my computer screen, over an hour long and later compressed and uploaded onto the hosting platform, the image seen in the video during the whole edit will be less vibrant and a little bit dull if compared to the final jpeg image that you see on my website or Facebook and there is nothing that can be done about it as screen recorded video will always less vibrant unless specifically edited (enchanted) for more contrast and vibrance which we do not do. The aim of editing tutorials is not to present the video at its best because screen recording equipment is less advanced than jpegs and it is a final print/art wall what we all are after. The aim is to show you the steps of editing, techniques used in my editing and the final result what you see is the image on my store/FB.

All images on my website are the original images uploaded there after the recording or the first edit with tutorials made to match the original edit as much as possible. Because there is no recipe to the edit and the edits are absolutely free style workflow there might be some differences between some of the images and the tutorials. If that is the case I always refer back to the original edit during the tutorial itself and talk about it and during the tutorial itself I try to repeat the edit so it matches the first edit as much as possible. Most of the time there will be some differences in the image being darker or lighter or sometimes warmer as these just cant be measured but as said above there is no case that you get a different edit in terms of techniques used from what you see in the image on my store and I do my best to make sure the final edit is uploaded or matched to the first edit at my best.



What are Photoshop Actions and how they can help me in editing?

Actions are prerecorded editing steps. It is the same as editing by hand but pre-set in advance and only needs a click on 'Play Action" button. They can help greatly to edit your sessions quicker, to keep your editing consistent and save you loads of time.


Do you use Actions in your editing?

Yes, absolutely! Rustic, Cotton, Skin & Light or Newborn Actions are my go to actions. Some of them more suitable for lighter images like Cotton or darker like Rustic but I do mix and match them while editing my own clients' sessions. I do use some hand adjustments too in order to fix the imperfections but the reason why my actions were created and put into sets at all was to speed up my own editing. So yes, I can hand edit fluently but I prefer using my actions as it makes editing quicker and life easier.

Do I need to be an advanced Photoshop user to be able to use actions?

No, you do not need to, but you will need to understand some Photoshop basics such as layers, masks, brushes and opacity and know what you want to achieve from your image. It is really super easy and some free Youtube tutorials will help. You can always purchase some of my tutorials too to help you to understand the way the editing works. I understand it is an investment but I can assure you that in photography the same as in any other business nothing pays off better than the target training which obviously includes editing as a priority. 


Will you teach me how to use the actions?

Unfortunately not, as per above you should be able to understand some basics in Photoshop. There are few sample tutorials of how I would use the actions on the website and Facebook group however if you would like to get an extensive class on this you can always purchase a 1:1 online editing class and request that we would learn editing with actions. 


Are there any video tutorials available that show the workflow of the Actions

You can certainly find sample editing videos on the website to give you an idea of what the Actions do and what my normal editing workflow would be. Just head to the top of the page and enter the name of the Action set in the search bar - scroll down and click on the tutorials.


However it needs to be mentioned that as there is no the same image there cannot be the same recipe and the same workflow for all edits. I therefore cannot teach you how to use my actions as it just does not work that way. You will have a message pop up with each action giving you tips on how to use the actions but those instructions are only recommendations and you should be able to decide and adjust all the effects also to choose how many and what actions to use yourself as per your own image, needs and liking.


You are more than welcome to post your images in our Facebook group for CC, tips, advice or if you have any problems in using them. Me and other members will be more than happy to help. With this said I did add some video tutorials on product pages and in the files of the Facebook group that show how I use my actions in my editing. This will be helpful for you to start with but again please please please do not limit yourself to the steps in the tutorial and do what is best for your own image and compliments your style best.

The same applies to video tutorials - because there is no single recipe for editing covering all images due to them being so different in terms of subject, mood, light, camera, settings, etc., my aim is to teach you Photoshop tools and to help you to understand my vision so you could apply those skills and understanding when you edit your own images. It needs to be noted too that my video tutorials are aimed to teach hand editing in details and that I do not use any actions in them or advocate to buy my actions after watching the editing tutorial. I strongly believe it is very unprofessional to urge to make another purchase of actions after you already purchased an editing tutorial and for this reason I do not comment on which action would cover my hand editing steps. That would not even be possible as hand editing is so much more with all little tweaks and will never replace any actions at 100%.

Installing Your Photoshop Actions

There are few simple ways to install Photoshop Actions on your computer:

Method #1

  • Download your purchased file from the link you received after your purchase.
  • Make up a backup copy as your downloads are limited to 3 times.
  • Open the .zip file, usually by double clicking. This should create a folder containing your actual files. It is best to move the actual extracted action files to other than the download location (such as your Documents Folder) and Install the Actions from there.
  • Double click on .atn files within the folder you have just created and moved.
  • Your actions should be automatically loaded into the Photoshop Actions Palette. Click on Windows/Actions or F9 for Actions Palette to show.

Method #2

  • If the first method does not work (because of some settings on your computer) you will need to upload the actions manually.
  • Open Photoshop
  • Click on the Actions Palette menu button (top right of the Actions Palette)
  • Select 'Load Actions'
  • Locate and select one of the .atn files from the download folder that you unzipped before
  • Repeat this on other .atn files if there are more

Method #3

  • If the first two methods do not work for some reason you will need to manually locate  Photoshop Actions folder and paste the .atn files into it. They will be different depending on Windows and Mac computers.
  • Just copy all the .atn files to the /Presets/Photoshop Actions/ folder: on a PC it is usually somewhere in c:\Program Files\Adobe\'Photoshop Version' \Presets \Photoshop Actions; on Mac it will be at /Applications/'Photoshop Version'.

    After copying the .atn files to the above folder you can just click on the name of the set from the list in the Actions Palette Menu and it will be automatically loaded into the Photoshop Actions Palette.

 * Note that Program Files could be called Program Data on Windows 10


Will my actions work on my Photoshop?

All actions by Dream Artsy were created and designed to work on Photoshop CC. Other versions are unsupported. If you are using Photoshop Elements, CS6 or older version of Photoshop there is no guarantee the actions will work without errors as many options available on Photoshop CC are not available on older Photoshop versions. Please make sure you have a compatible and up to date software before committing to purchase.

All actions are also designed to work with Photoshop CC in English language and are not guaranteed to work on software in other languages. Your Photoshop CC should be set to English language as per default.


Is there a limit on how many times I can download my Actions?

Yes, most downloads are limited to 3 times. You will see a message before you start your download. The reason to limit the downloads are for them not to be overshared. However if you are experiencing any difficulties and your download links have expired or you have lost your backups, please do get in touch and we will happily forward you new links.


Can I receive a full or partial refund if I bought the wrong product or changed my mind?

Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the items no refunds or exchanges are possible after you commit to your purchase. We also cannot be responsible for any fraudulent purchases completed on your behalf.

How do I know I will like the Actions or the Tutorial I am about to purchase?

I trust in this case what you see is what you get. There are many examples of the before and after images also fast forward videos of the actual tutorials and sample tutorials on the use of Actions. There are also many reviews after each item from the photographers who have actually purchased and tried our Actions or Tutorials. You are also more than welcome to join our private support group where you can chat and ask about the experience of other photographers who have already watched some Tutorials or used our Actions. Ask to join HERE 


If you made a purchase with us and forgot about it until now and are reading this last part because you have skipped all the above your files are here:

After your purchase there was a download link that popped up straight after your payment went through. If you missed that link for any reason, check your e-mail, because there was an automatic message sent to your e-mail too. If you have more than one e-mail make sure to check all of them before messaging us, this includes spam folders. You should be looking for learn@dreamartsy.co.uk e-mail from us containing the link to a PDF file which has instructions of how to access your tutorials or a link to download your actions if you purchased Actions. To be able to access videos you need to go to our website https://learnatdreamartsy.com "MEMBERS" area and log in using the same e-mail address as used when purchasing. If you missed, lost your download link, your download failed or you cannot locate your downloaded files - do not worry. Just send us an e-mail and we will happily sort you out. Hope that helps and you are enjoying your Tutorials or Actions right now! :)