Terms & Conditions

Sharing with 3rd parties in any way, shape or form or disclosing the techniques taught in this video is illegal and will be taken to further action. Videos and recordings may not be screen recorded, downloaded, embedded, or shared in any way, shape, or form except when flattened for personal or clients' work. Any copyright violations or unauthorised sharing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Editing tutorials are not available to those who do ANY mentoring of any kind and purchase the tutorial with intentions to pass the skills learn to their students. They are strictly not available AT ALL to those who sell ANY online tutorials or actions of ANY kind or form. I reserve the right to refuse the sale of my editing tutorials or actions to anyone for any reason with a refund provided.

Due to the digital nature of the product absolutely no returns or refunds are provided.

By purchasing my editing tutorials, you agree to my Terms & Conditions.