The Influence Project

for Raising Futures in Kenya featuring The Perfect Posie® Posing Guide by Zanelle Walter is live!



Your purchase includes a DONATION and in return you get:

GUIDE with detailed information on where and how to place a baby illustrated by a posing doll and model accordingly.

Poses covered:

• Parent/hands on chin
• Froggy in parent hands
• Tushie up on parent arm
• Huck fin on parent arm
• In utero PLUS parent in utero
• Twin posing
• Sling composition (both in tushie up and in utero pose)
• Hammock composition
• Beanbag positioning of posing beans for
• Hands on chin
• Side stretch
• Tushie up

PLUS, you receive a cheat sheet version AND a short 6min video on how to transition baby from Posie to Prop (music only) AND a bonus posing video for traditional bean bag posing using the eZee Frame for The Perfect Posie® AND a “Hello Baby Newborn Action Collection by Dream Artsy”.




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Thank you for your donation!